st. Nikolskaya, 11 - 1st floor

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Astrakhan, st. Nikolskaya, 11

About cafe

The charm of this place is rooted in the rich Serbian culture which is famous for simple and very tasty dishes of vegetables, meat and spices. A special article in Serbian cuisine is vegetables. on the table, regardless of the time of day, in the form of separate dishes or just as a snack. Serbian salads are mostly large chopped vegetables, dressed with olive oil, but there are also very complex "compositions" of tomatoes, peppers, onions and numerous varieties of greens such as "Srpska salad". Serbs cook from the heart: large portions, unsurpassed taste, in this kitchen a lot of delicious bread, which serves as a symbol of wealth and harvest, cheese and dairy products.

Come to the cafe "Gallery Nicole" and You are sure soak up all druzhestvenny diversity of cuisine and hospitality.

- Interior -

pleasant setting and delicious food

- Business lunch -

on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00

200 р.
  • ПН
    • Греческий салат.
    • Чорба из телятины.
    • Фаршированная курица с сыром и жареным картофелем.
  • ВТ
    • Салат "Оливье"
    • Борщ
    • пельмени с говядиной в бульоне
  • СР
    • Салат из кабачков
    • Говяжий суп с клецками
    • Курица на гриле с жареной картошкой
  • ЧТ
    • Салат из рыбы Хек
    • Суп Буйабез
    • Судак на гриле с далматинской гарнитурой
  • ПТ
    • Огурцы в сметане с чесночным соусом
    • Крем-суп из цветной капусты
    • Чевапы с овощами на гриле

Каждый день в нашем кафе вы можете быстро и вкусно пообедать. Ждем вас вместе с коллегами или партнерами на бизнес-ланч!

- Booking -

no need to wait for a table

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